IBM Security Access Manager integration prerequisites

The following prerequisites must be met to integrate HCL® Marketing Software with HCL® IBM Security Access Manager.

  • The IBM Security Access Manager WebSEAL junction must be configured to pass the user name (Short, not Full DN) as the HTTP variable in the URL request to the HCL Marketing Software application.
  • The HCL Marketing Software property Web access control header variable must be set to the name of the variable that Security Access Manager uses for login names.

    The default name for the Security Access Manager login name variable is iv-user.

  • The IBM Security Access Manager policy server must be configured to use LDAP as its repository for storing group members and user attributes.
  • The HCL Marketing Software application URLs defined by a WebSEAL junction and the Java™ application server hosting the HCL Marketing Software application must refer to the same path.
  • All users who need to access HCL Marketing Software applications must belong to a group added to an Access Control List (ACL) with appropriate permissions. A WebSEAL junction that points to an application server where Marketing Platform is deployed must be attached to this ACL.
Note: When users log out of an HCL Marketing Software application, they are not automatically logged out of IBM Security Access Manager. They must close their browser after they log out of an HCL Marketing Software application to log out of IBM Security Access Manager.