Alert and notification management

HCL® Marketing Platform provides support for system alerts and user notifications sent by HCL® Marketing Software products.

System alerts and user notifications sent by products appear in the user interface, as follows.

  • Alerts contain information about system events. They appear in a pop-up window when a user logs in.

    Examples are planned or unplanned server shutdowns.

  • Notifications contain user-specific information about changes made to items in which the user has an interest, or tasks the user must perform. The user can view them by clicking the envelope icon in the top right of the window.

    Examples are updates to a flowchart or mailing list, or reminders about a deadline for an assigned task.

Users can also subscribe to receive alerts and notifications by email, if Marketing Platform has been configured to send them.

Within Marketing Platform, the HCL Marketing Software Scheduler uses the notification feature.