The HCL Marketing Software Scheduler

The HCL® Marketing Software Scheduler enables you to configure a process to run at intervals that you define.

Items that you can schedule

You can schedule the following.

  • Campaign flowchart runs
    Note: The HCL Marketing Software Scheduler is completely independent of the Schedule process in Campaign.
  • Contact Optimization optimization session and post-optimization flowchart runs
  • eMessage mailings
  • Marketing Operations bulk deactivations
  • Calls to external APIs
  • HCL Marketing Software alerts and notifications
  • External batch or shell scripts

Schedules and runs

The scheduler uses two basic concepts: schedules and runs.

  • A schedule is any task that you want to run once or on a recurring basis. When you define a schedule you specify the HCL Marketing Software object, the start and end dates, and optionally, the frequency with which the task is run (called a recurrence pattern).
  • A run is an execution instance of a schedule.

Types of schedules

There are three types of schedules.

  • Time-based - Runs occur at specified times.
  • Trigger-based - Runs occur when a schedule receives a specified trigger (for example, when another schedule sends a trigger on success or failure of its run, or when the scheduler utility sends a trigger).
  • Multiple-run-based - Runs are dependent on other schedules, and occur only when multiple other schedules have finished their runs

Schedule notifications

You can set up notifications that are sent to yourself for schedules you create, and administrators can set up notifications that are sent to groups of users for schedules created by anyone.