Configuring integration with an SSL type of WebSEAL junction

Follow this procedure to configure Marketing Platform integration with IBM Security Access Manager using an SSL type of WebSEAL junction.

About this task

For details on these procedures, see the documentation provided with IBM Security Access Manager and your web application server.


  1. Generate or purchase SSL certificates and configure your web application server to use them.
  2. Create a webSEAL certificate and configure IBM Security Access Manager to use it.
  3. Import your webSEAL certificate into your web application server.
  4. Import your web application server certificate into IBM Security Access Manager.
  5. Create an SSL type of WebSEAL junction in IBM Security Access Manager.

    If you install multiple HCL® Marketing Software products, create a separate junction for each product.

  6. Set the navigation URL configuration property on the Settings & Configuration page for each installed product.

    The value should reflect the webSEAL junction used for that product. Follow this pattern:


    To access HCL Marketing Software, use a URL such as the following:


  7. Unprotect URLs in IBM Security Access Manager as described elsewhere in this guide.