Configuring IBM Security Access Manager for HCL Marketing Software products

Unprotect objects in IBM Security Access Manager as described in this procedure to enable correct functioning of your HCL® Marketing Software products.


  1. Use Web Portal Manager to log in to the domain as a domain administrator.
  2. Click ACL > Create ACL, complete the Name and Description fields, and click Apply.
  3. Click ACL > List ACL, and from the Manage ACLs page, click the link for your ACL policy.
  4. From the ACL Properties page, click Create, and create two entries for your ACL, as follows.
    • For the first entry, set the entry type to unauthenticated and grant Trx - Traverse, read, and execute permissions.
    • For the second entry, set the entry type to Any-other and grant Trx - Traverse, read, and execute permissions.
  5. On the ACL Properties page of the ACL, on the Attach tab, attach un-protected objects, as required for your product installations.

    Use the complete path in IBM Security Access Manager, starting from WebSEAL.

    Table 1. Un-protected objects required for HCL Marketing Software products
    Product or feature Objects
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/services/CampaignServices30Service
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/FlowchartNotifyScheduler
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/initOfferListResolution.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/getOfferListResolutionStatus.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/OperationMonitor
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/deepsearch/partition

      Replace partition with the partition name.

    The following apply when integration with Engage is implemented.

    In the following URLs, replace partition with the partition name.

    • http://host:port/Campaign/jsp/engage/engageHome.jsp
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engage/offers
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engage/offer
    • http://host:port/Campaign/servlet/EngageUpload
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engageimportlist/partition
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engageimportlist/partition/jobid

      This URL is for checking the status of an import job. Replace jobid with your job ID.

    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engageimportlist/partition/schedule
    • http://host:port/Campaign/api/campaign/rest/engageimportlist/partition/channel/schedule

      This URL is for sending push or SMS messages. Channel is either sms or push.

    Distributed Marketing
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/affiniumcollaborate.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/services/CollaborateIntegrationServices1.0
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/flowchartRunNotifyServlet
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/js/js_messages.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/js/format_symbols.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/collaborate/alertsService

    WebSEAL junction/Campaign/emessage/eventSinkServlet

    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/interact/flowchartEventPatterns.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/interact/saveFlowchartAction.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/interact/testRunFlowchart.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/interact/getProfileDataAction.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/interact/manageIPB.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/initOfferListResolution.udo
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/getOfferListResolutionStatus.udo
    Marketing Operations
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/services
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/errorPage.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/alertsService
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/services/collabService
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/services/PlanIntegrationServices/1.0
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/affiniumplan.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/invalid_user.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/js/js_messages.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/plan/js/format_symbols.jsp
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/servlet/AJAXProxy
    Contact Optimization
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/optimize/
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/optimize/
    • WebSEAL junction/Campaign/optimize/
    IBM SPSS® Modeler Advantage Enterprise Marketing Management Edition

    WebSEAL junction/unica/rest/spssUser

    Marketing Platform data filters

    WebSEAL junction/unica/servlet/DataFiltering.

    HCL Marketing Software notifications
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/servlet/DataFiltering
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/servlet/alertAJAXProxy
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/notification/alertsCount
    HCL Marketing Software Scheduler

    WebSEAL junction/unica/servlet/SchedulerAPIServlet

    Enable a logout of IBM Security Access Manager when a user logs out of an HCL Marketing Software application
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/j_spring_security_logout
    • WebSEAL junction/unica/jsp/frameworklogout.jsp