Relationship of planning objects

In Unica Plan, planning objects include plans, programs, and projects. Plans contain one or more programs, and programs contain one or more projects. Projects can contain subprojects. A budget for a plan consists of individual line items for projects and programs that roll up into the budget for the plan.

The following diagram shows how the planning objects relate to one another.

Flowchart with plan at top, three programs below, three projects under one program, and three subprojects below one project. Budget links to the Plan, program, and three projects.

On the summary page of projects and programs, there is a field called Parent Items and Code that contains a view of the ancestors for the object. For example, the summary page of a subproject shows the current object (a subproject), its parent project, and all of its ancestors back to its root plan. The ID codes for these objects are displayed, as well as direct links to each of the ancestor objects.