Budget line item approvals

Depending on the rule criteria that your administrator established in the project and program templates, budget line items might be automatically approved or sent through the Unica Plan approval process.

For example, your administrator might define rules based on the line item expenditure date, source account, or cost category. Your administrator can also select default approvers for each rule, such as object or account owners. If your administrator wrote these rules in your organization's project and program templates, budget line items must be approved before they are finalized and rolled up to the parent program or plan. Approval can be accomplished either automatically by using the rules or by the assigned approvers. However, if your projects and programs use templates that do not contain budget line item approval rules, line items can be finalized directly on the object Budget tab without an approval process.

Approval status for line items can be seen on the object Budget tab in the second column of the Line Item Details table.

  • In progress = In Progress
  • On hold = On Hold
  • Cancel = Canceled
  • Completed = Completed

After an approval is sent, you might not be able to edit the line item.

  • If the approval status is canceled or completed, the approval can be edited. Finalizing any changes to the updated line item might trigger a new approval process.
  • When the approval status is in progress, the approval cannot be edited. You must cancel the approval first. For more information, see Canceling approval processes.