Budget allocation versions

Budget allocation versions are a powerful tool for financial planning. You can use budget allocation versions to explore different financial possibilities without overwriting the previous budget. You can create multiple budget versions with different allocations for expenses, compare versions, and then chose the most appropriate one for the plan, program, or project.

Use the options on the budget version drop-down list (Version) to create, delete, and compare potential budgets until you find the best fit for your plan, program, or project. Then, you can activate or finalize that version to mark it "in-use". Unica Plan rolls the allocations from the in-use version up to linked parent objects and down to linked child objects.

The budget version drop-down list (Version) also lists all budget versions. The name of the budget version you are viewing is shown in red. The name of the in-use version is marked with a "^."

Note: Budget versions account for different allocations, not different line items. Adding a line item to one budget version adds the item to all versions. However, you can use budget versions to determine how much to allocate to the line items. You can use budget versions to explore the effects of spending different amounts of money on the same expenses. For more information, see Program Line Item Details table and Adding and editing line items.
Note: To view and compare budget versions, you must have the security permission "view budget tab." To create, edit, delete, update, and mark in-use, you must have the security permissions "edit budget tab."