The Program Budget tab

The Program Budget tab is similar to the Plan Budget tab but is one level down in the plan, program, project hierarchy. While the Plan Budget tab breaks down into information about linked programs, the Program Budget tab breaks down to information about linked projects. The Program Budget tab also contains an additional table about the program's line items.

After budget ancestors, from top to bottom, the program Budget tab contains the following tables.

  • The Program Budget Summary table provides an overview of the entire budget.
  • The Project Cost Summary table shows allocations to child projects.
  • The Line Item Details table organizes line items for the program.

Navigating with budget ancestors

The top of the Budget tab for projects and programs displays the Parent Budget(s). Parent Budget(s) shows a hierarchical view of the current object, its parent, and all ancestors back to its root plan. The name and ID code displays for each object as well as direct links to each of the ancestor objects.

Use these links for easy navigation through the plan, program, project budget hierarchy.