Allocating funds

A parent plan, program, or project allocates funds down to individual child programs and projects that are contained within it. Plans fund programs, programs fund projects, and projects fund subprojects.

About this task

Add and edit allocations on the parent Budget tab. Begin by allocating money to a plan. Then, allocate down the program, project, subproject hierarchy that uses the same procedure.

Note: The "parent" object is the plan, program, or project from which you are allocating funds. A "child" object is the next level down in the plan, program, project, subproject hierarchy. For instance, if you allocate from a program to a project, the program is the parent object and the project is the child object.


  1. Navigate to the Budget tab for the parent object from which you want to allocate funds.
  2. Select the allocation version that you want to edit or create an allocation version.
  3. Click the Allocations icon (Allocations) to modify allocations to the child project.

    The Cost Summary table opens in edit mode.

    • If you are working below the plan level, the first row of data is bold and controls allocations for the objects line items. See Adding and editing line items.
    • The table lists the child objects in normal font below the parent's line items.
  4. Add or edit allocations by clicking cells in the table and entering the appropriate value by week, month, or quarter.
    • For reference, the top row displays total funding for the parent object from which you are allocating funds for each week, month, or quarter.
    • The Remaining column shows the amount of money that is left in the parent object budget with the current allocations.
  5. Click Save and Finish to save your work and return to the Budget tab.

What to do next

To continue funding, click a child object in the Total Costs table to navigate to its Budget tab. Repeat the process by allocating funds from the new object to its child objects.

Note: To link additional parent and child objects, use the Summary tab. Then, return to the Budget tab to allocate funds to the new child objects.