Budget views

There are two budget views on all budget tabs.

  • Total view (Stack of coins with sum (sigma) symbol image) is the default. It displays the total amount that is budgeted and remaining for forecasted, committed, and actual spending, for all fiscal years that the plan, program, or project existed.
  • Detailed view (Three stacks of coins with Calendar page image) displays budget information for a specified fiscal year, which is broken down by week, month, or quarter.

Across all budget tabs for a plan, child programs, and child projects, the totals reflect the total amounts for the life of the plan, program, or project. Therefore, the individual rows and columns in edit screens or the detailed view often do not add up to match the values that are displayed in the total view. This difference is not an error, but reflects the fact that the data, other than the total, corresponds to values for the currently selected fiscal year.

Note: The views on the budget tab depend on the in-use budget allocation version. By default, you navigate to the budget tab of an object for the first time after login, the in-use version of the current fiscal year displays. The total view shows totals for the in-use version for all previous fiscal years and the current in-use budget allocation version. Detailed view also shows information based on the in-use budget version. For more information, see Budget allocation versions.