Adding and editing line items

Line items outline the forecasted and committed costs for a program, project, or subproject so a manager knows whether the allocated or planned budget is sufficient. Additionally, forecasted and committed amounts, after they are finalized, are rolled up to the accounts affected, providing visibility into budget and cash flow needs for higher-level objects.

About this task

Note: Adding line items to one budget version adds them to all budget versions. For more information, see Budget allocation versions.

To add or edit line items, complete the following steps.


  1. Navigate to the program, project, or subproject Budget tab.
  2. Click the Line Items icon (Page with pencil image).
    The Edit Program/Project/Sub-Project Line Items page appears.
  3. To add a line item, double-click an empty cell in the Item Description column. Enter an item name or description.
    Note: The # field populates automatically after you enter an item in the Item Description field.
  4. To edit a line item, double-click it in the Item Description column and make your changes.
  5. If the line items table contains custom text fields, enter appropriate values.
  6. In the Expenditure Date field, enter the anticipated date that funds will be spent. Click the arrow to open a menu from which you can select a date. You must enter an expenditure date for the budget to be finalized.
    Note: To track a certain expense on different dates, use separate line items. For example, to track the expense for Printing in May, June, and July, enter one line item for each month.
  7. Select a source account from the Source Account drop-down menu.
    The funds for this program, project, or subproject are posted against the account you choose when the line items are finalized.
  8. Select a cost category from the Cost Category drop-down menu.
  9. In the Committed Amount field, enter any committed funds that are related to the line item. Leave this field blank if no portion of the line item is committed.
  10. In the Forecast Amount field, enter the amount that you predict or forecast that the line item will cost.
  11. Click Save and Finish to save your changes and go to the object Summary tab.


Unica Plan totals the line items, but they are not rolled into the parent object budget until you finalize them. Finalizing line items can require approval. For more information, see Finalizing budget line items.