In Campaign, flowcharts represent a sequence of actions that you complete on your data, as defined by building blocks called processes. Flowcharts can be run manually, by a scheduler, or in response to some defined trigger.

You use flowcharts to accomplish particular marketing goals, such as determining qualified recipients for a direct mail campaign, generating a mailing list for this group of recipients, and associating each recipient with one or more offers. You can also track and process respondents to your campaign, and calculate your return on investment for the campaign.

Within each of your campaigns, you design one or more flowcharts to implement the campaign, configuring the processes that make up the flowchart(s) to complete the required data manipulation or actions.

Each flowchart has the following elements:

  • Name
  • Description
  • One or more mapped tables from one or more data sources
  • Interconnected processes that implement the marketing logic