Understanding Interact

Interact integrates with your customer facing systems-such as websites and call centers-and allows you to retrieve optimal personalized offers and visitor profile information in real-time to enrich the interactive customer experience.

For example, a customer logs into a book store website and peruses the site. Interact recalls the customer's prior purchasing habits (Japanese literature and books by a certain author). When the customer goes to a page you have integrated with Interact, Interact chooses what offers to present to the customer (a retelling of a famous Japanese story by the same author) based on the previous interactions.

You configure Interact to integrate with your touchpoints using an application programming interface (API). Using this API, you configure Interact to gather a customer's information, add data to that information, and present offers based both on actions taken by the customer in the touchpoint and the customer's profile information.

Interact is closely integrated with Campaign to define which offers are assigned to which customer. Because of this integration, you can use the same offers across all of your campaigns, along with all of Campaign's offer management tools. You can also integrate all the contact and response history across all of your campaigns and, for example, use email and direct mail contacts to influence offers presented to the user in real time.

The following sections describe the different components of Interact and how they work together.