Logging in to IBM EMM

Use this procedure to log in to IBM® EMM.

Before you begin

You need the following.

  • An intranet (network) connection to access your IBM EMM server.
  • A supported browser installed on your computer.
  • User name and password to sign in to IBM EMM.
  • The URL to access IBM EMM on your network.

The URL is:



host is the machine where Marketing Platform is installed.

domain.com is the domain in which the host machine resides

port is the port number on which Marketing Platform application server is listening.

Note: The following procedure assumes you are logging in with an account that has Admin access to Marketing Platform.


Access the IBM EMM URL using your browser.
  • If IBM EMM is configured to integrate with Windows™ Active Directory or with a web access control platform, and you are logged in to that system, you see the default dashboard page. Your login is complete.
  • If you see the login screen, log in using the default administrator credentials. In a single-partition environment, use asm_admin with password as the password. In a multi-partition environment, use platform_admin with password as the password.

    A prompt asks you to change the password. You can enter the existing password, but for good security you should choose a new one.

  • If IBM EMM is configured to use SSL, you may be prompted to accept a digital security certificate the first time you sign in. Click Yes to accept the certificate.

If your login is successful, IBM EMM displays the default dashboard page.


With the default permissions assigned to Marketing Platform administrator accounts, you can administer user accounts and security using the options listed under the Settings menu. To perform the highest level administration tasks for IBM EMM dashboards, you must log in as platform_admin.