Create the marketing campaign in the design environment

Designing the Interact configuration is a multi-step process that involves many people in your organization. You work with theInteract user interface, the Interact API, and Campaign flowcharts to configure your interactive marketing campaign.

Workflow diagram

This diagram is an extract from the full design workflow, and shows only the configuration tasks that you do in the design environment.

A portion of the Interact design workflow

The diagram shows a linear progression even though several people can be working on different components at the same time. It is also an iterative process. For example, as you work with treatment rules, you might discover that you need to reorganize your interaction points and zones. Working with Interact configurations is also related to creating and working with traditional campaigns.

Sample workflow

A sample workflow can contain the following steps:

  1. Create an interactive channel to hold the resources for your touchpoint with the visitor.
  2. Create interaction points that the visitor uses to interact with the touchpoint.
  3. Create events that trigger actions when the visitor makes selections in the touchpoint.
  4. Use interactive flowcharts to define smart segments to assign offers to visitors.
  5. Define offers to present to the visitor.
  6. Define treatment rules to refine the offers that are presented to the visitor.
  7. (Optional) Override the content of the target and control cells that are assigned to segments.
  8. Deploy the interaction.

After the Interact administrator deploys the configurations to the runtime servers, and the touchpoint is integrated with the Interact API, your Interact implementation is complete.