About tuning Interact for best performance

An installation of Interact consists of several components including third-party tools (such as web application servers, databases, and load balancers) and HCL® components such as Marketing Platform and Campaign. All of these components have several properties, features, and settings you can configure to improve performance.

Interact itself has several configuration properties which you can use to tune your installation for best performance.

Defining 'best performance' is difficult. Every environment, every implementation has different requirements. For example, an implementation of Interact where all data for interactive flowcharts is gathered from real-time data, would be tuned differently than an implementation requiring information read from several database tables.

Interact runtime performance can be affected by many factors, including hardware configuration, network configuration, and Interact configuration. The following guidelines and recommendations can have different results in your environment.

The following guidelines are organized by related components. The order in which you modify any settings does not matter.