Editing a template used in the Text version of an email

The Message Editor provides an embedded text editor that you can use to modify the text version of an email communication. The text version of the email communication uses a limited set of HTML tags.

About this task

Changes to the text template will affect all text-only email messages that use the template.


  1. Open the email in the Deliver Message Editor.
  2. In the Content Type field, select Text.
  3. In the toolbar, click Page with marked margins and pencil image Edit Text Template to display the HTML code for the text version of the email.

    A warning indicates if the template is currently in use by other email messages.

  4. Make changes in the text version of the content.

    You can add certain HTML tags that Deliver supports in text-only email.

  5. Click OK.
    The updated template is saved in the Content Library.
    Note: If the text version is based on an auto-generated text template, the changes do not appear in the template that is saved in the Content Library. The changes affect only the text version of the current communication. An indication that the template is auto-generated displays with the template name at the top of the editor.