Editing a template in the Content Library

You edit a template that is stored in the Content Library with the content element editor.


  1. In the Content Library, select the template that you want to modify.
    Templates are identified with Rectangle with horizontal lines: template . You can also search for the template.
  2. Double-click the selected template or right-click and select Edit to open the content editor.
    A preview of the template displays in the editor.

    A warning indicates when the template is in use by one or more email messages or landing pages.

  3. Click The Edit Content icon.
    The preview changes to a text editor that displays the HTML source for the template.
    1. Change the code and click Save content.
  4. Click Close to return to the preview. The preview displays how the template might look in a web browser
  5. Confirm that Is Template is selected
  6. Click Diskette image Save Changes to save the updated template.


The updated template is saved under the same name in the Content Library. You cannot save the modified template under another name.

Email messages and landing pages that use the template do not reflect the changes until you publish each email or landing page again.