Precautions for editing uploaded templates

HTML templates define the framework and appearance of the email and landing pages that you send. In some cases, a single template is used by multiple communications. When you edit a template in the Message Editor, be certain to consider the effect that your edits might have on all communications that are based on the template.

Because a single template can be used by more than one email message or landing page, it is prudent to find all communications that use the template before you make changes. The changes that you make to a template affect all of the email messages or landing pages that use the template. You can identify the communications that use a template by examining the template configuration in the Content Library.

You should modify the HTML code of a template only if you have a thorough understanding of how to edit HTML code and are familiar with the programming conventions used in your organization. The Message Editor provides a validation tool to help ensure that your changes result in valid HTML code.