Finding communications that use a specific template

If you edit a template that is used by at least one communication, the Message Editor displays a warning to indicate that the template is in use. Any changes that you make to the template can affect all of the communications that use the template. You can examine the template properties to determine which communications might be affected when you edit the template.

About this task

When you edit a communication, the name of the template on which the communication is based displays above the editor toolbar. You can view properties for template, including communications that use the template, by opening the template in the Content Library.


  1. In the Content Library, select the template.
    Templates are identified with Rectangle with horizontal lines: template . You can also search for the template.
  2. Open the template.

    The system displays a warning if the template is used by more than one document.

  3. In the toolbar, click Find communications referencing this asset Window with magnifying glass image .

    The system displays a list of documents that use the template. Double-click any document in the list to open the document in an editor.