Unica Campaign report generation utility (unica_acgenrpt)

The unica_acgenrpt command-line report generation utility exports a flowchart cell report from a specified flowchart. The report is generated from the flowchart's .ses file.

Use the unica_acgenrpt utility to generate and export the following types of cell reports:

  • Cell List
  • Cell Variable Profile
  • Cell Variable Crosstab
  • Cell Content

For more information about these reports, see the Unica Campaign User's Guide.

The default file name of the exported file is unique and based on the flowchart name. It is saved in the directory you specify. If the file already exists, it is overwritten. The default file format is tab-delimited.

Note: The exported file contains the current data from the flowchart's .ses file. If a flowchart is writing to the .ses file when the unica_acgenrpt utility is run, the resulting report file could contain data from the previous run of the flowchart. If you are invoking the unica_acgenrpt utility using an on-success trigger, your script should contain an appropriate delay before executing unica_acgenrpt to account for the length of time that your flowcharts will need to finish writing to the .ses file. The amount of time required to save the .ses file varies greatly depending upon the size and complexity of the flowchart.

Use of the unica_acgenrpt utility requires the Run genrpt Command Line Tool permission in the Administrative Roles security policy. For more information on security policies and permissions, see Security in Unica Campaign.