Unica Campaign Server Manager (unica_svradm)

The Unica Campaign Server Manager (unica_svradm) is a command-line server management utility.

Use unica_svradm to perform the following tasks:

  • Connect to a Unica Campaign listener so you can run unica_svradm commands
  • Disconnect from a listener
  • View all open flowcharts and their states
  • View and set environment variables
  • View and set the listener logging level
  • Change the owner of a campaign object.
  • Run, suspend or resume, stop, or kill runaway flowcharts
  • Gracefully shut down a listener or a listener cluster
  • Refresh the configuration on the master listener (clustered listener configuration only)

When you start the unica_svradm utility, it checks whether a listener is running.

In a single-node configuration, it automatically connects to the running listener.

In a clustered configuration, it automatically connects to the master listener.

The command-line prompt indicates the server and port of the listener machine to which you are connected. For example: unica_svradm[myhost01:4664]>