Unica Campaign advanced search utility (advSrchUtil)

Unica Campaign v10 introduces the ability to search flowcharts. However, flowcharts are not searchable until you index them. Use advSrchUtil to index all flowcharts in the specified partition.

About this task

There are two ways to make flowcharts searchable:
  • Batch index all flowcharts in a partition by running advSrchUtil (.bat or .sh). This utility is a wrapper script that calls unica_acsesutil.
  • Index a single flowchart by running unica_acsesutil with the -J option.

Existing indexes are not updated automatically. To ensure accurate search results, follow these guidelines:

  1. Run advSrchUtil immediately after upgrading Unica Campaign, to index all existing flowcharts in a partition.
  2. Run advSrchUtil periodically to create or update search indexes on all flowcharts in a partition.
  3. If you want to affect just a single flowchart, run the unica_acsesutil session utility with the -J option.

When advSrchUtil runs for the first time, it processes all flowcharts in the given partition by serializing them into JSON and indexing them.

The next time advSrchUtil runs, it processes only the flowcharts that were modified or added since the last run.

For this reason, the first run takes longer than subsequent runs. A very large flowchart can take several minutes to process, so if there are many flowcharts the tool may take a long time to finish. Best practice is to run the tool regularly. For example, if you typically add or modify hundreds of flowcharts per week, consider running the tool twice a week.


  1. Run the appropriate command for your operating system:
    • Unix/Linux: <Campaign_Home>/bin/advSrchUtil.sh <partition> <campaignSharedHome if clustered>
    • Windows: <Campaign_Home>\bin\advSrchUtil.bat <partition> <campaignSharedHome if clustered>


    <partition> is the name of the partition where the flowchart files exist.

    <campaignSharedHome if clustered> is the shared network location for clustered listeners (required only for a clustered environment).

  2. The utility interactively prompts for credentials. Enter the user name and password for the account that has permission to access all of the flowcharts in the given partition.


The utility looks for all flowchart files (.ses) in the specified partition that were created or modified since the last time the utility ran. It invokes unica_acsesutil for each flowchart session file (both campaign and session flowcharts). Unica_acsesutil then converts the .ses files to JSON and indexes them so they are searchable.