Unica Campaign session utility (unica_acsesutil)

Use the Unica Campaign session utility (unica_acsesutil) to perform the following tasks.

  • Import and export campaigns, sessions, and flowcharts from one server to another.
  • Pass in a flowchart file or table catalog as input and generate a table catalog in either binary or XML format as output.
  • Update record counts and lists of distinct values for a session or a catalog.
  • Make the specified flowchart session file searchable by creating or updating its indexes.

Follow these guidelines when you run the utility:

  • If you have clustered listeners, run the utility on each listener where you want to perform these tasks.
  • The utility supports importing and exporting objects only between servers with the same version of Unica Campaign installed.
  • If the campaign, session, or flowchart name contains characters from a locale that is not available or installed on your computer, you must install or set the locale in the terminal window before running the utility. For example: export LANG=ja_JP.utf8. If you have a file with more than one locale, set each locale in the terminal and then run the tool once.

If errors occur, the utility generates a log file on the listener server where it is run, at <Campaign_home>/partitions/partition [n]/logs/unica_acsesutil.log.