Unica Campaign cleanup utility (unica_acclean)

Use the cleanup utility (unica_acclean) to identify and clean up temporary files and database tables in the current partition. The cleanup utility can be used on the Unica Campaign system tables database and user table databases.

Note: When you run the unica_acclean utility, you must stop all flowcharts that are currently running or are scheduled to run.

To run this utility, users must have "Perform Cleanup Operations" permission, granted by their Unica Campaign administrator. If users attempt to run this utility without the appropriate privileges, the tool displays an error and then stops.

Note: This tool does not operate across partitions. Each time it is run, unica_acclean operates on tables and files only in the specified partition.

If you have clustered listeners, run the utility on each listener where you want to perform clean-up.

The utility can identify and clean up the following items:

  • Temporary files and tables associated with a specified object or object type, based on given criteria.
  • Orphaned temporary files and tables: temporary files and tables that were left behind after their associated object was deleted.