Killing a running flowchart

Kill a flowchart if you need to stop it immediately. When you kill a flowchart, its buffer is not flushed to disk. Instead, the last checkpoint copy is saved.

About this task

Flowchart names can be the same in different campaigns and sessions. To ensure that you kill only the intended flowchart, be sure to follow the instructions in this topic.


  1. At the command prompt, enter the following command to obtain a list of running flowcharts on the server:

    % unica_svradm status

    If multiple flowcharts have the same name, you can use the absolute path to uniquely identify a flowchart.

  2. Note the PID associated with the flowchart that you want to kill.
  3. To kill the flowchart, enter the following command at the command prompt, replacing PID with the PID of the flowchart that you want to kill:

    unica_svradm kill -p PID

  4. To kill the process in one line, run the following command.

    unica_svradm.exe -y <User_Name> -z <password> -x "KILL -p <PID>"