About dimension hierarchies

A dimension hierarchy is a set of SQL selection queries that can be applied to any list of IDs. Like strategic segments, dimension hierarchies can be made available globally in a Select process or used as the basis for constructing cubes.

Among the most commonly specified dimensions are time, geography, product, department, and distribution channel. However, you can create any kind of dimension that best relates to your business or campaign.

As the building blocks of cubes, dimensions become the basis for a variety of reports (total sales across all products at increasing aggregation levels, cross-tabular analysis of expenses versus sales by geography, and so on). Dimensions are not limited to a single cube; they can be used in many cubes.

A dimension hierarchy is made up of various levels, which in turn are comprised of dimension elements, or elements for short.

You can have dimensions that are comprised of an infinite number of levels and elements, as well as:

  • Data points built as input to customer analytic reporting and visual selection
  • Roll ups into unlimited number of categories to support drill-down capability. (Dimensions must roll up cleanly across boundaries, so elements must be mutually exclusive and not overlap.)