About strategic segments

A strategic segment is a globally persistent list of IDs, which is available for use in multiple campaigns. A strategic segment is a static list of IDs until the flowchart that created it originally is re-run.

Strategic segments are created using the Create Seg process in a session flowchart. A strategic segment is no different from segments created by a Segment process in a flowchart except that a strategic segment is available globally. Availability depends on the security policy that is applied to the folder in which the strategic segment is stored.

Unica Campaign supports multiple strategic segments. The ID list that is created for each strategic segment and audience level is stored in the Unica Campaign system tables. You can associate any number of strategic segments with a campaign.

Strategic segments can be used for global suppression. A global suppression segment defines the list of IDs that are automatically excluded from cells in flowcharts for a particular audience level.

Strategic segments are also used in cubes. A cube can be created from any list of IDs, but cubes that are based on strategic segments are global and can be analyzed by the various segment reports.

Strategic segments can optionally specify one or more data sources in which that strategic segment will be cached (stored in the database so that uploading the strategic segment IDs is not required for each flowchart that uses the segment). This can provide significant performance improvements. Cached strategic segments are stored in temporary tables, which are assigned the SegmentTempTablePrefix configuration parameter.

Note: Working with strategic segments requires the appropriate permissions. For information on permissions, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.