Creating sessions

Create a session if you need to create persistent, global "data artifacts" that can be used in all campaigns. Then add a flowchart to the session and run it, to create the persistent objects.

About this task

Each session contains one or more flowcharts. Run a session flowchart to make the outcome of the session (the data artifacts) available globally to all campaigns. You can create, view, edit, move, and delete sessions, and you can organize sessions in folders. To work with sessions, you must have the appropriate permissions. You do not copy sessions, but rather the flowcharts within sessions. You do not run a session; you run each of its flowcharts individually.


  1. Select Campaign > Sessions.

    The All sessions page displays the folder structure that is used to organize your company's sessions.

  2. Locate the folder where you want to add a session, and click Add session .

    The New session page appears.

  3. Enter a Name, Security policy, and Description.
    Note: Session names have character restrictions. For details, see Special characters in Unica Campaign object names.
  4. Click Save changes.
    Note: You can also click Save and add a flowchart to immediately start creating a session flowchart.