Editing session flowcharts

To edit a session flowchart, use the Sessions menu.


  1. Select Campaign > Sessions.

    The All Sessions page opens.

  2. Click Edit a tabPencil next to the name of the session whose flowcharts you want to edit.
  3. From the menu, click the name of the flowchart that you want to edit.
  4. Make your changes to the flowchart:
    • Use the palette and workspace to add and change process configurations.
    • To change the flowchart name or description, click the Properties Gear icon in the flowchart window toolbar.
  5. Click Save and continue or click Save and exit to close the flowchart window.
    Note: The History, Summary and Flowcharts tabs are listed in the All Sessions page. You can add your comments and save and exit, save and run or save and test run flowcharts. The History Tab contains the Flowchart Name, Event Type, User Name, Date /Time stamp and Comments columns.

    The History tab is a means by which you can find out who worked on the Session flowcharts and how they interacted with the flowchart. For example, whether the flowchart was created, modified, saved, deleted or run. It is a mechanism which allows you to log the changes they have made to the flowchart in the session. Thus, you can track down changes while figuring out the issues related to the flowchart.