The History tab (Session)


The History tab (Session) is a means by which you can find out who worked on the Session flowcharts and how they interacted with the flowchart. For example, when the flowchart was created, modified, saved, deleted or run.

It is a mechanism which allows you to log the changes they have made to the flowchart in the session. Thus, you can track down changes while figuring out the issues related to the flowchart.

The “History" tab occurs after the “Analysis" tab in Session. On clicking this History tab, a history log is displayed on the UI.

The History tab includes following details:

  1. Flowchart name
  2. Event Type i.e. description of the event
  3. User name
  4. Timestamp of the event
  5. Comments (if any)

Each flowchart will have "Save with comments" option if users wants to add some information about the recent changes done to flowchart.

Audited events:

The following events are audited:

  1. Create a flowchart
  2. Save and continue a flowchart
  3. Save and exit the flowchart
  4. Save flowchart with comments
  5. Save and run branch
  6. Save and run process
  7. Pause, continue or stop a flowchart, branch and process
  8. Rename a flowchart
  9. Delete a flowchart
  10. Duplicate a flowchart
  11. Copy a flowchart
  12. Run a flowchart