About global suppressions and global suppression segments

Use global suppression to exclude a list of IDs in a single audience level from all cells in all Unica Campaign flowcharts.

To define global suppression, an administrator creates a list of unique IDs as a strategic segment in a session flowchart and runs the session flowchart. Then campaign designers can specify that segment as a global suppression segment for a specific audience level in a campaign flowchart. Only one global suppression segment can be configured for each audience level.

If a global suppression segment is configured for an audience level, all top-level Select, Extract, or Audience processes associated with that audience level automatically exclude the IDs from their output results, unless global suppression is disabled for a specific flowchart. By default, all flowcharts (except session flowcharts) have global suppression enabled.

Note: Specifying and managing global suppression segments requires the "Manage Global Suppressions" permission and is usually performed by a Unica Campaign administrator. For details, see the Unica Campaign Administrator's Guide.