Updating the host table on IBM i

Add an entry in the IBM® i host table for your IBM Sametime® server.

About this task

To add a host table entry for your Sametime server, follow these steps:


  1. From any IBM i command line, type the following command and press Enter:
  2. Type 10 and press Enter to work with TCP/IP host table entries.
  3. If one of the TCP/IP addresses that you selected is not listed in the Host Table, follow these steps to add a new entry:
    • Type a 1 in the Opt column for the blank Internet Address and press Enter to add a Host Table entry.
    • When the Add TCP/IP Host Table entry display appears, enter the following information:
      Table 1. Information to supply for the Host Table entry
      Field Description
      Internet Address Enter the TCP/IP address that you assigned to the Domino® server. For example, enter
      Host name Enter the fully qualified name of the Domino server as the host name. For example, enter stdom1.example.com.
      Note: Although you can add multiple host names for the same IP address, make sure you list the fully qualified name for your Domino server first, before any alternative short names.
    • Press Enter to create the Host Table entry.
  4. Follow these steps to update an existing Host Table entry:
    Note: If the TCP/IP address you want to use is listed in the table, but the corresponding Domino server is not listed as one of the possible host names for that address, you must update the existing host table entry to include the additional host name.
    • Type a 2 in the Opt column for the Internet Address and press Enter to change the Host Table entry.
    • When the Change TCP/IP Host Table Entry display appears, you may need to Page Down to view the currently defined list of host names.
    • When you have displayed the last host name, enter a '+' in the '+ for more values' prompt and press Enter.
    • When the Specify More Values for Parameter HOSTNAME display appears, replace an existing host name or one of the *SAME entries with the fully qualified name of your Domino server (for example, stdom1.example.com).
      Note: The fully qualified name of your Domino server must be listed first in this table.
    • Press Enter to update the host name. Press Enter again to change the Host Table entry.
      Note: You can remove a host name for an Internet Address by following the previous steps to update the Host Table Entry and replacing the host name with *BLANK.