Deploying First Party Call Control

Deploy the First Party Call Control (FPCC) feature by configuring settings in the IBM® Sametime® Connect and Sametime Embedded client installation packages and then distributing the updated packages to users.

About this task

First Party Call Control allows users to access a third-party SIP server directly from their Sametime Connect and Embedded clients instead of requesting access through the Sametime SIP/Proxy Registrar server (the process that is used with SIP trunking and with the Sametime Unified Telephony client). Users can make both audio and video calls using the same menu options as for other calls. When FPCC is enabled, users can initiate audio and video calls even when the Sametime SIP/Proxy Registrar server is not available.

Restriction: Sametime does not support the use of both FPCC and Sametime Unified Telephony; if you previously enabled Sametime Unified Telephony, then you must disable it before enabling FPCC.

You can configure First Party Call Control for users who have the Sametime Connect or Sametime Embedded client installed on their computers. Configuration involves defining client preferences and managed settings in the client installation package, which is then used to install new clients or update existing clients.

To configure First Party Call Control for your users, complete the following tasks.