Planning is critical to a successful deployment. Many deployment problems, growth problems, and capacity problems occur because not enough time is taken to carefully plan a deployment. Plan your IBM® Sametime® installation by determining features needed, reviewing system requirements, determining capacity requirements, and the servers and computers needed for your deployment.

Consider your situation. You may have not have Sametime but are wondering what computers and servers you need to deploy Sametime. You may have Sametime and you want to grow it. You have chat or awareness, and want to add meetings. Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise with presence on several continents, or whether you have users primarily in the office, telecommuters, or mobile users, your answers will be different.

How many servers do we need? What kind of clustering do I do? Do I spread my servers around the globe or concentrate them in a central location? Do I want to have physical or virtual servers? How much network bandwidth do I need? Can I get that much network bandwidth from my enterprise? The information in Planning can help you answer these questions.