Deploying instant messaging

Instant messaging features are provided primarily by the IBM® Sametime® Community Server, which supports presence, text chats, and two-way phone calls.

About this task

Instant messaging is provided primarily by the Sametime Community Server. There are several other components that provide additional features and administrative capabilities. These additional servers are required for supporting the Sametime Community Server; together they comprise the minimum Sametime deployment:

  • LDAP directory: Provides user account management for authentication.
  • DB2® database: Provides storage for information about users, servers, configuration settings, and meeting settings.
  • Sametime Community Mux: (Optional) Connects desktop clients (Connect client, Notes® embedded client) to the Sametime Community Server.
  • Sametime System Console: Provides a centralized location for configuring, administering, and monitoring your Sametime deployment.
  • Sametime Proxy Server: Connects browser and mobile clients to the Sametime Community Server.
  • Sametime Advanced Server: (Optional) Provides extra instant messaging features, including persistent chat rooms, broadcast communities, multiple-file transfers, instant share, offline messaging, and the organization tree.

Complete the tasks in the following topics to install instant messaging and presence: