Installing Sametime Proxy Server

The IBM® Sametime® Proxy Server enables browser-based clients to participate in Sametime instant messaging and online meetings. In addition, the Sametime Proxy Server works with Sametime Community Server or IBM Connections to enable the business card feature in Sametime, and with Sametime Unified Telephony or other TCSPI-enabled products to enable the Sametime click-to-call feature. The Sametime Proxy Server also provides live names awareness and can replace the Links Toolkit used in earlier releases of Sametime. Read the system requirements to ensure that you know the minimum supported software requirements.

About this task

If you support LiveNames in your Sametime deployment, you should deploy all Sametime Meeting Servers and Sametime Proxy Servers within the same subnet. It is suggested that you configure WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment with a single subnet for network traffic. You can use one network interface card (NIC) on a physical computer or logical partition (LPAR). You can also reference a single Domain name system (DNS) server in the network configuration for the physical computer or LPAR.