Deploying HCL OneTest API API agents

To enable sift and pass-through, transport-level recording and queue recording with the mirror or dynamic mirror queue options, you must deploy the API agents that are supplied with HCL® Quality Server into the WebSphere® MQ Queue Manager.

Download the IBM® WebSphere® MQ API agent for WebSphere® MQ from HCL® Quality Server and install it on the server that is hosting the queue manager. You must deploy the intercept agent modules to the exits directory on the server that is hosting the queue manager.

The sample scripts containing the distributed WebSphere® MQ API agent .zip file, can be downloaded from HCL® Quality Server.

The files must be copied to the correct location. Otherwise, IBM® WebSphere® MQ displays error messages and the API agent might not work correctly.

For general information about IBM® WebSphere® MQ API agent, refer to WebSphere® MQ documentation.

Note: This installation process requires administrative access to the queue manager and to the server where the queue manager is running.

To deploy IBM® WebSphere® MQ API agent:

  1. Install the relevant API agent file on the server that is hosting the queue manager that is to be configured.
  2. Configure the relevant queue manager to use the API agent.

The process depends on the operating system and architecture of the computer where WebSphere® MQ is installed.