Installing API exits on Linux (32-bit)

You can install the API exit on Linux (32-bit) by copying the intercept_linux_x86 and intercept_linux_x86_r files into the exits directory.

About this task

To install the API exit on a Linux 32-bit system, do the following steps:


  1. Locate the exits directory of your IBM® WebSphere® MQ installation (for example, /var/mq/exits).
  2. Copy intercept_linux_x86 and intercept_linux_x86_r from package to the exits directory.

    The sample scripts containing the distributed WebSphere® MQ API agent .zip file, can be downloaded from HCL® Quality Server.

  3. Create symbolic links to these modules:
    ln -s intercept_linux_x86 intercept
    ln -s intercept_linux_x86_r intercept_r
    Note: The file names typically have _7.1 at the end. Before running the command, rename the file by removing the version number or replace the filename in the command with the actual one.
  4. Make the exit files globally executable:
    chown mqm intercept_linux_*
    chgrp mqm intercept_linux_*
    chmod a+x intercept_linux_*