Configuration of virtual IP addresses as virtual clients

You can find information about how to configure virtual IP addresses in the operating system, and then use the virtual IP addresses to configure them as virtual clients in tests or as virtual servers in stubs.

When you want to use multiple clients in your tests or stubs to virtualize traffic from multiple clients, but you are unable to set up physical clients in your testing infrastructure, you can use the option to create multiple virtual clients on a single computer.

When you create the multiple virtual IP addresses to use them as virtual clients, you must ensure that the following conditions are satisfied:
  • The IP addresses that you create are legitimate.
  • The IP addresses are available within the same subnet in the network.
  • The IP addresses are blocked for distribution outside of the network.
Important: The steps for the task that are to be performed on the operating system are only indicative. The steps might vary depending on the version of the operating system. You might be able to use multiple methods to accomplish the task. You might already be aware of such methods. You can perform the task by following the on-screen instructions or by referring to the documentation provided by the operating system provider.
You can select the task depending on the type of the operating system:
After you configure virtual IPs on your operating system, you can use the created virtual IPs in tests and stubs. You must perform the following tasks when you want to configure virtual IPs in tests or stubs: