Testing with the File transport

As with any other transport, the File transport includes both logical and physical configurations. Tests and stubs are associated with the logical File resource, which represents an abstraction of the File resource and is the same for all environments. The physical File Access configuration includes connection details, and you can configure a different physical File Access for each environment.

The File transport can be used in a stub to consume from one or more files in a directory. Starting from 9.2.1, binding a File transport to a Host is deprecated. Instead, a File transport is bound to a File Access resource so that you can connect to a remote computer and consume files from or publish new files. By using the File transport, you can stub file-based interactions. For example, a stub runs and when a new file appears at a certain location its contents are used to drive events into the stub for subsequent processing, such as sending a WebSphere® MQ message for each line of data.