Installing API exits on Solaris (x86_64)

You must be a WebSphere® MQ user (created during the IBM® WebSphere® MQ installation), for example, user mqm to install the API exit on a Solaris x86_64 system.


  1. Locate the exits64 and exits directory of your IBM® WebSphere® MQ installation (for example, /var/mqm/exits64 and /var/mqm/exits, respectively).
  2. Copy intercept_solaris_x86_64 and intercept_solaris_x86 from package to the exits64 and exits directory, respectively.

    The sample scripts containing the distributed WebSphere® MQ API agent .zip file, can be downloaded from HCL® Quality Server.

  3. Create a symbolic link to this module:
    cd /var/mqm/exits64
    ln -s intercept_solaris_x86_64 intercept
    cd /var/mqm/exits
    ln -s intercept_solaris_x86 intercept
  4. Make the exit module globally executable:
    chown mqm intercept_solaris_*
    chgrp mqm intercept_solaris_*
    chmod a+x intercept_solaris_*