Installing API exits on Linux for System z®

How to install the API exit on Linux for System z®.

Before you begin

Ensure that the following prerequisites are met before you install the API exits:

  • Obtain the WebSphere® MQ product code for Linux on System z® 64-bit.
  • As a minimum, install MQSeriesServer and MQSeriesRuntime on the WebSphere® MQ server. You can also install MQSeriesSDK and MQSeriesMan. Installing these items provides you with valuable information and resources that can help streamline setting up the exit.
  • At least one queue manager must be defined for the WebSphere® MQ server.
  • Ensure that a listener is working for HCL OneTest API to use for the SYSTEM.ADMIN.SVRCONN channel.

About this task

To install the API exits:


  1. Install the files for your version of WebSphere® MQ, found in package:
    • For WebSphere® MQ 8.0 and 9.0:
      • intercept_linux_s390
      • intercept_linux_s390_r
      • intercept_linux_s390x
      • intercept_linux_s390x_r

    The sample scripts containing the distributed WebSphere® MQ API agent .zip file, can be downloaded from HCL® Quality Server.

    Note: The s390 exits are 32-bit and the s390x exits are 64-bit.
  2. Copy the 32-bit exits into the /var/mqm/exits directory on the Linux for System z® WebSphere® MQ computer, and the 64-bit exits into the /var/mqm/exits64 directory. Ensure that the file permissions match the parent directory permissions.
  3. Create symbolic links for all four of the exit files, by using the names for the Linux for System z® exit files (see step 1). For instructions on creating the symbolic links, see Installing API exits on Linux (64-bit).
    Note: The instructions for Linux for System z® are similar, except that the names for the exits are different.
  4. Create the NameList com.greenhat.intercept. This Namelist is required for the HCL OneTest API intercept exit.
    Note: If you plan to use the sift-and-pass-through-capability, also create a rit.divert.rules NameList.
  5. Locate the qm.ini file, which is located in the /var/mqm/qmgrs/queue mgr name directory, and add the following lines to the end of this file:
    Note: For WebSphere® MQ 8.0 and 9.0, the exit_name is intercept_linux_s390x (without the "r").