Configuring a queue manager to support sift-and-pass-through stubbing

A diverted queue rules namelist is required by HCL OneTest API to support sift-and-pass-through stubbing on an IBM® WebSphere® MQ transport. The sift-and-pass-through capability enables HCL OneTest API to see a message in a queue before the "real" service sees it and determine whether to process it.

About this task

If a diverted queue rules namelist is not created, an error message is displayed when you start a stub that uses a WebSphere® MQ transport that is enabled for sift-and-pass-through stubbing.

However, if a WebSphere® MQ administrator wants to permit users to record messages but not reroute them, a diverted queue rules namelist is not required.


  1. Open IBM® WebSphere® MQ Explorer.
  2. On the MQ Explorer or Navigator window, click the relevant queue manager.
  3. Right-click Namelists, and click New and Namelist on the pop-up menus.

    The New Namelist wizard is displayed.

  4. Enter rit.divert.rules in the Name field.
  5. Click Finish.


The namelist is created.