Testing with WebSphere® MQ on z/OS® systems

You can test WebSphere® MQ on z/OS® by using the HCL OneTest API MQ agent module. You can record at the transport level or operation level when running the agent with a single queue manager. If you have a queue sharing group and if you choose to run an instance of the agent for each queue manager within the queue sharing group, you can record shared queues using mirror queue recording. You can also virtualize requests to shared queues using fixed queue stubbing.

Note: For information on recording requests from a non-z/OS queue manager to a queue on a z/OS queue manager and virtualizing replies from z/OS to a queue on a non-z/OS queue manager without installing the HRVMMQF agent, see Using WebSphere MQ transports on distributed platforms to test traffic to and from WebSphere MQ on z/OS.

For information on testing WebSphere® MQ on non- z/OS®, see Testing with IBM WebSphere MQ messages.

Setting up IBM® WebSphere® MQ and installing the HRVMMQF agent