Unable to find path to server

What happened

You usually see this message when trying to open or add an application in the File > Application > Open dialog box, or while trying to replicate. The message may appear for one of the following reasons:

  • The server is unavailable
  • HCL Notes® can't use passthru to access the server
  • You don't have a protocol enabled that can communicate with the server

What you can do

  • Change to a LAN location
  • If you don't have a passthru server specified in your current location document, ask your administrator for a passthru server name, enter the name in your document, and try the operation again.
  • Make sure your current location is not using an old server connection document set to X.PC, which is no longer supported. If you must use a dialup modem to connect, you will need remote access software in your operating system, and you will need to identify a network server in your organization that you can use to passthru to other servers. Ask the Domino® administrator for assistance.
  • If Notes® still can't find a path to the server, ask the Domino® administrator what network protocols the server supports, and make sure that you have a network protocol enabled that can communicate with the server.