This document is read-only. If you make any changes in the OLE object they cannot be saved because the document is read-only.

What happened?

You tried to open an OLE object when the document that contains the object is in read-only mode, with the result that you do not have the rights to edit the data in the OLE object. For documents in Edit mode, you can use the object's application to enter data in HCL Notes®. For example, if you have 1-2-3®, you could create a blank 1-2-3® spreadsheet object and enter 1-2-3® spreadsheet data in a Notes® document.

What you can do

  • Click OK to view the OLE object in read-only mode. You will not be able to save any changes you make while in this mode.
  • Click Cancel to continue to display the OLE object as an icon.
  • To make changes to the OLE object, you must put the document into edit mode. Click Cancel, click Actions > Edit, and then open the OLE object again.