Full text error from Topic; see log for more information

What happened

HCL Notes® experienced an error while you were full-text searching the current application, and cannot continue the search. For example, here are just a few of the reasons you may see this message:

  • You might have canceled the search
  • Someone might have brought the server down while the search was in progress
  • The full-text index could be corrupt
  • Certain indices could be corrupt

The log file log.nsf is available in your Notes/Data directory.

What you can do

Tell your Domino® administrator what you were doing in relation to full-text search when the message appeared, and the administrator will check the server log mentioned in the message. The administrator may have to re-create the full-text index on the server before you can continue.

If you are an administrator, see Domino® Administrator Help for more details on this error message.