You do not have a mail file/server specified. Use File Mobile Edit Current® Location... to set them.

What happened

You didn't specify a home/mail server or mail file in your current location document.

What you can do

  1. Ask your HCL Domino® administrator for the names of your home/mail server and mail file.
  2. Click File > Mobile Edit Current® Location.
  3. Under Servers, enter the name of your home/mail server. If it's already entered, check to see that it's correct.
  4. Under Mail, check the name of and path to your mail file. If it's in a subdirectory, specify your mail file in this format: name of subdirectory\name of mail file. For example:
  5. Save the current location document.

Try using mail again. If it doesn't work, see your Domino® administrator to be sure that a mail file has been created for you.